November 16, 2016

Almondina® Biscuits Review

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Almondina® Biscuits Review

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Almondina® Biscuits

Almondina is the inspiring success story of a man whose great
loves include both music and wonderful food. For generations
his family loved his grandmother Dina's most secret cookie, which
she called Petit Gateau Sec. Yuval Zaliouk, an internationally known
symphony conductor and gourmet chef, always had a special place in
his heart (and stomach) for this exquisite, crunchy wafer with the delicate
flavor of roasted almonds, the natural sweetness of plump raisins and the
warmth of vanilla.

"Generous as she was in giving away her recipes, Grandma Dina kept the
one for Petit Gateau Sec a total secret until the end of her life. Only then did
she finally reveal the secret to her daughter, Ahuda, Yuval's mother. Knowing
that this incredible recipe had to be shared with others, he then, with his mothers
and families blessing, set out to make sure his grandmother's recipe would live
on and bring the delight he experienced as a child with all others.

Long after the passing of his grandmother, Yuval started becoming aware
that the remarkable characteristics of this addictively delicious but extremely
nutritious cookie fell right in line with the consumers demands of a more health
conscious product. Yuval then went to work in his kitchen to bring his families
loved grandmother's final recipe to all that desired it. Today this amazing tasting
cookie is available in all fifty states, sought after in seven foreign countries along
with winning him the Entrepreneur of the year Award.

After having the pleasure of sampling these mouth watering biscuits, I soon found
that not only are their taste like no other, but they are all natural and do not contain
cholesterol, added fat, trans-fats, or preservatives.

Today you can enjoy Almondina in these wonderful flavors:

THE ORIGINAL - This delicious cookie without the guilt™ - this is the cookie that made us famous and it is still our #1 bestseller. Based on Grandma Dina's original secret recipe that she called Petit Gateau Sec, we begin with top quality almonds, plump raisins, and a blend of other natural flavors, then cook this to a perfect crispness. Delicious. Crunchy. All-natural. No Cholesterol.

CHOCONUT - Indulge without the Guilt™ - The world's finest chocolate in a delicious crunchy cookie. If you are a chocolate lover, then this is the cookie for you! We took the Almondina cookie recipe and added some of the best chocolate in the world. The result is a delicious, chocolaty, crunchy cookie that is still low in calories. No wonder it is a bestseller. Delicious. Crunchy. All-natural. No Cholesterol. Indulge!

GINGERSPICE - A surprising Slice of Spice™ - zesty chunks of flavorful real ginger give this cookie a real kick. The sweet, chewy pieces of ginger add an exciting flavor dimension to this crunchy cookie. Delicious. Crunchy. All-natural. No Cholesterol.

ALMONDUO® - Nuts About This Cookie!™ - a double nut wonder with roasted almonds and pistachios. For anyone who loves nuts, this is the cookie for you. Top quality almonds and pistachios are showcased in our thin, crunchy Almondina® cookie. Delicious. Crunchy. All-natural. No Cholesterol. Go nuts!

BRANTREATS® - Cookies for Breakfast™ - A thin, almond, raisin, cinnamon cookie with 30% oat bran. This cinnamon Brantreat® cookie makes a perfect snack or is great for breakfast. It has less fat than other premium cookies. Delicious. All-natural. No Cholesterol.

SESAME - Open Sesame Release the Magic - an Almondina® cookie with an exotic twist. The roasted sesame adds a flavor that magically complements the almonds and raisins for a truly irresistible taste. Delicious. Crunchy. All-natural. No Cholesterol. Have a nice CRUNCH!™

Almondina® Biscuits are also available in a 24-Pack Sampler, Assorted 8-Cookie
Gift Box , Morning Treats Gift Box .

Click here to find a retailer that carries Almondina Biscuits Near you.

To learn more about how Almondina Cookies are made watch this video:

A Big Thank you to Almondina


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