January 14, 2017

Woodie Specs 1015 Series Rectangle Red Sandalwood Wood Watch Review

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Woodie Specs 1015 SeriesRectangle Red SandalwoodWood Watch Review

Holiday Contest and Sweeps is honored to have had the chance to review the Woodie Specs
1015 Series Red Rectangle Sandalwood Wood Watch. This watch is truly a work of art.
Each watch is handmade in San Diego,Ca with Unique Quality Product at a Quality Price.

The Rectangular Red Sandalwood Watch will be the talk of the party, since no two watches
are made the same. It' amazing rectangular shape comes with a Miyoya Quartz Movement
(Battery Powered) with the Date. 

The Miyoya Quartz is covered by scratch resistant glass and is water resistant as well.

Made with a Stainless Steel Latch  and 100% Natural Wood.

Each Watch comes with it's own custom made box which it's a work of art,
Which ever feature draws you to this watch, you owe it to yourself to visit
Woodie Specs.com and checkout all the different styles that will amaze you.
This watch is not only for men, but it look beautiful on women as well.

I would like to thanks my Sponsor for the chance to review this spectacular; Watch.

Make sure to follow them on their Social Media Pages Well.

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Holiday Contest and Sweeps received a copy of this watch for review purposes.


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